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Thanksgiving Football 2015: Carolina Panthers at Dallas Cowboys - Live Blog

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports
Carolina Panthers
Thursday, November 26, 2015 - 2:30 PM MDT
Dallas Cowboys




9th Pass Off. 15th
13th Rush Off. 9th
1st Pass Def. 20th
11th Rush Def. 18th
10-0 Jerry's World, Arlington, TX 3-7
1st NFC South Cowboys Favored 4th NFC East

If I played for a 10-0 team like the Carolina Panthers and saw that Vegas put me down as underdogs against a 3-7 team, I'd be looking for blood on the field. Figuratively, of course. We saw how the Denver Broncos players reacted to being dogs to the Green Bay Packers a month ago and the Packers were also undefeated. Given that gut feeling, I just don't see how the Panthers players don't come out in this game playing with wild abandon.

The so-called Tony Romo effect is way overrated. The Dallas Cowboys are certainly a better football team with him at quarterback, but to suggest they are somehow as good as a 10-0 team after dropping seven straight games without Romo is just absurd. The guy isn't Peyton Manning in his prime. If Romo hadn't missed any games, I would put them around .500 right now.

Meanwhile, Cam Newton is the guy I would vote as the NFL MVP right now and he is on fire. This game would be a blowout in any other situation, but since it is Thanksgiving Day the Cowboys will put up a fight in this one.

The Panthers defense comes up big to hold the Cowboys to field goals, while the Cowboys defense won't be able to find an answer for Newton. The undefeated Panthers train will continue to roll another week.

Prediction: Panthers 24, Cowboys 16

What is your prediction, Broncos Country?