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Create-a-Caption: Over here

Create a caption for this picture! Keep it clean, extra points for hilarity. Winner gets a prize.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Give us your wittiest, most cleverest caption for this photo!

What's going on in the above photo? You decide!

The best caption will win two GrOpeners — one orange and one blue! What is a GrOpener, you ask? Check it out:

The winner of the Create-a-Caption contest will be announced next week. Good luck!

Last Time:

(Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports)

It's amazing how prophetic last week's entries were. The refs called eight fouls for 118 yards last week, and ALL of them went against Denver. Readers couldn't have seen that coming . . . or did they?


"So $20 gets me the only two holding call package, and $40 gets me the one holding call package... How much for the deal you gave the Colts?"  —  Xaviers dad

Honorable mentions:

"Expecting a big game from offense, defense, special teams, and you guys." — oxmouth

"So you see #58 over there? We’re going to be holding him all game. I assume your with the program? All the other guys have been so far." — Nastyj

"Can I get an extra three timeouts? Don't worry I won't use them. I just like having them, it makes me feel safe." — Mancar

Congrats, Xaviers dad! Please shoot your mailing address to jonheathnfl AT gmail DOT com and we'll make sure your GrOpener is in the mail soon. Good luck to everyone else this week!