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Live Blog - Week 12 NFL Early Games Thread

Who do you have in the early games? I took the Falcons, Bengals, Texans, Colts, Jaguars, Chiefs, Jets, Titans and Giants.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This mornings games should be interesting, if only because I could have flipped a coin for half of these games and probably have done a better job determining the likely winner. Even so, I feel like I picked my spots well today.

The easy picks for me was going with the Cincinnati Bengals over the St. Louis Rams. The Bengals are a good football team and the Rams are too inconsistent. The easy pick was taking the Kansas City Chiefs at home over the Buffalo Bills. The Chiefs are playing the best football they have all season right now. They are peaking early, but it will net them some much needed wins. I also think the San Diego Chargers are a dumpster fire right now, which means the Jacksonville Jaguars should be able to come away with a home win today.

That's it, the rest could go any which way. The non-divisional games are the hardest to figure out. I took the Atlanta Falcons over the Minnesota Vikings mainly because it's in Atlanta. I took the Houston Texans over the New Orleans Saints, because I think DeAndre Hopkins is going to score six touchdowns. I took the Indianapolis Colts over the surging Tampa Bay Buccaneers, because they too are at home in the dome. Another home team I went with was the Tennessee Titans over the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders have fallen off their high horse and the Titans are playing good defense right no.

The last two games were division game, which could go either way depending on how motivated the teams are. I felt like the New York Jets are just a better football team than the Miami Dolphins, plus the Dolphins have one of the worst run defense over the last four weeks. Then, of course, taking the New York Giants over the Washington Redskins is based more on my trust of Eli Manning over Kirk Cousins in these kinds of games.

Either way, I'll be happy to finish above .500 for these early games.

Who are you rooting for in these early games?