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Patriots-Broncos: Cheer loud with me, Broncos Country

This will be my first live Broncos game in two seasons, and my first game as a fan (instead of credentialed press) in four years.

Goooooood morning Broncos Country!

Every so often, I attend a Denver Broncos game, strictly as a fan. Circumstances have prevented me from doing that over the past three seasons; I am beyond stoked to be seeing the Denver Broncos live today.

Since this is a blog, and a blog is technically a journal, I figured I'd jot down some of my thoughts on this here plane ride to Denver from Phoenix.

Before the game I'll be tailgating with MHR's Ian Henson and hoping to meet up with MHR's Jess Place and Amy Richau; I would love to meet up with you as well. Come on over to the Sons of Mile High tailgate in Lot M and tweet me @MileHighReport. I'll be the one in orange; you can't miss me.

(Kidding aside: I'll be rocking orange Von Miller with an old-school Denver 'D' beanie and possible wearing a light blue Patagonia jacket, depending on the weather. I'm no Brock Osweiler, but I am 6'4". Tweet me then meet me so I can thank you for reading!).

Denver, here I come! GO #BRONCOS!

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While I've had a few press credential opportunities, including Super Bowl XLVIII, the last time I saw the Broncos in person as a fan was also against the Patriots - in 2011. That was at the peak of Tebowmania, and despite Tim's weeks of magic, Denver was crushed 41-23.

(Am I a jinx? The last two games I've attended, the Broncos got destroyed. I take solace in the 2009 game I saw in-person, where Denver crushed the New York Giants on Thanksgiving to get back to their winning ways, but I am internally superstitious. Thoughts of causing the Broncos to lose just by my mere presence creep into my brain. If we lose big, blame me for coming to the game).

As I coast at 35,000 feet and prepare to land on 5,280, it's difficult to put my excitement into words. Win or lose, there's something magical about seeing the Broncos in-person. Fans in the Denver area: you have my never-ending jealousy. To the 40,000 people ahead of me on the Broncos season ticket waitlist: you do as well, and go away.

Some Broncos fans and me on our way to Super Bowl XLVIII.

I'm proud of Denver's homefield tradition and excited to be a part of that today. I'll be screaming my head off, win or lose, until the final whistle (no leaving home early for me).

I appropriately heckled one Patriots fan on this flight and hope to be doing the same on the plane home tomorrow. I'll be wearing the other Broncos jersey I packed, Demaryius Thomas, either way. (Although if the Broncos win thanks to Brock, I may pick up a Brock Osweiler jersey at the team store and rock that on the flight home).

Follow me at @MileHighReport for updates throughout the day.

Mile High Report has shown me that Broncos Country is worldwide, but I know its heart is at Mile High - the stadium, that is. Today I get to be part of that.

Go Broncos!