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Broncos, Raiders, Chiefs win: AFC West Wrap-Up for Week 8

The Raiders might be having their best season in years - but it's the Broncos who are on fire coming out of Week 8.

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Team W L T Div Conf.
Denver Broncos 7 0 0 2-0 4-0
Oakland Raiders 4 3 0 1-1 4-2
Kansas City Chiefs 3 5 0 0-1 2-2
San Diego Chargers 2 6 0 0-1 1-4

Packers @ Broncos

Final score: 10-29

Recap: Sometimes you get a playoff-caliber game in November. There were only 36 no-shows at Mile High Stadium Sunday night, and fans were on their feet and making noise virtually the entire game. The Broncos did not disappoint this excitement. Coming into this game the Broncos offense needed to improve on their overall timing, their O-line needed to heal up to become more consistent, the run game needed to make an impact, and the tight end production needed to dramatically improve. Somewhat shockingly all of these things happened in one game, AND the Broncos D continued to dominate.

For the Broncos this was a statement game. They are now 7-0 and are just getting better. That's a scary thought for any NFL team that has the Broncos on their schedule.

For the Packers this was an embarrassing loss - but not a loss that will likely have a huge impact on their season. The Patriots got humiliated by the Chiefs last season and they went on to win it all. I can't think of anything more fun right now than a Broncos-Packers Super Bowl matchup.

Broncos injury concerns: None.

Week 9 matchup: Broncos @ Colts

Jets @ Raiders

Final score: 20-34

Recap: When one team's offense is hot and the other team's defense appears unable to tackle, it's pretty easy to see who is going to win this game. In this case the Raiders were the team with the hot offense (Derek Carr threw 4 touchdowns) and the Jets were the team surprisingly struggling on defense.

It would be easy to dismiss the Raiders win over the Jets by pointing out that the Jets starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick went out in the first series after a suffering a hand injury. But the Raiders for the second week in a row played a well-rounded game. They are now the only team in the AFC West (other than the Broncos) who have a winning record. Like it or not, they are in the hunt for an AFC Wild Card spot.

Raiders injury concerns: None

Week 9 matchup: Raiders @ Steelers

Lions @ Chiefs (game played in London)

Final score: 10-45

Recap: Alex Smith almost literally ran circles around the Detroit Lions in the Chiefs "home game" in London. Smith ran for 78 yards in game that saw solid performances from the Chiefs O-line and pass rushers. But no one (except Chiefs fans) are going to get very excited over a victory over the Detroit "we're-a-hot-mess-and-just-getting-worse" Lions.

Chiefs injury concerns: None

Week 9 matchup: Bye (followed by an away game against the Broncos)

Chargers @ Ravens

Final score: 26-29

Recap: Sunday was the fifth time in a row Philip Rivers had over 300 passing yard in a game. It was also the fourth game in a row the Chargers lost. The Chargers could go on a speaking tour about how to lose close games. Both of these teams were desperate for a win and the Ravens surely benefited by playing this one at home.

The Chargers continue to see several key players get injured every game. Their season is pretty much done. There is already talk in the media that the Chargers may be getting a new coach in addition to a new home city next season.

Chargers injury concerns: LT King Dunlap (ankle), C Chris Watt (shoulder)

Week 9 matchup: Chargers @ Bears

Week 9 predictions

I got the Chiefs and Chargers games right and the Raiders and Broncos game wrong last week. Do I regret not picking the Broncos to win last week? No. Sometimes I honestly think my team won't win a game. Did that keep me from jumping up and down like a manic at Mile High Stadium Sunday night and picking the Broncos for 14 in my pick'em pool - where virtually all of my picks are based purely off emotion? Not at all.

Sometimes I am happy to be wrong. This was certainly the case Sunday night.

Here are my picks for week 9.

Broncos 8-0; Chiefs 3-5 (bye); Chargers 3-6; Raiders 4-4.

How do you think things will shake out in Week 9 in the AFC West? Let us know in the comments!