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Are the Denver Broncos headed towards a trap game this Sunday?

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Mile High Report's own Kyle Montgomery was interviewed by Eric Goodman and Zach Fogg on Mile High Sports' Afternoon Drive and talked about the Denver Broncos potentially finding themselves in a trap game against the struggling Indianapolis Colts.

Overall, Monty tried to temper expectations a bit, but smartly picked a Broncos win. The Broncos players say the next game is the only game, so it certainly seems like they are totally focused on the Colts. The best part of the interview was the discussion on the Vernon Davis trade and the almost Joe Thomas trade. It's definitely worth the listen.

On if this is a trap game or a Broncos blowout win

"I feel like I am lone Broncos fan this week who is a little worried about this game. Honestly, there is a ton of confidence from Broncos Country following the way the Broncos beat the Packers last week. And rightfully so, when you beat someone like Aaron Rodgers that thoroughly and hold that offense to 140 yards, you feel very confident. When you see Peyton Manning start to put together some throws and you see the running game come together, you feel pretty confident.

"There is a lot more optimism than I probably like. I always worry that fan optimism can bleed into the players and get overconfident. I feel like maybe that's what happened in playoffs a year ago, so I keep thinking about January. I'm thinking about the Broncos hosting the Colts at something like 8 point favorites and losing in the playoffs."

On of this is a completely different team with a different attitude

"Of course. The Broncos are trending in all the right directions, while the Colts are trending in the wrong ones. I absolutely believe the Broncos are the better football team right now and they have been consistently through the season. I do believe the Broncos are going to win this game.

"I'm just trying to convey the thought of how this game could go wrong, because the Colts can put it together. They do have Andrew Luck, who we saw in the fourth quarter against an undefeated Panthers team put together a couple of drives to force overtime and all that.

"We saw the Colts fire their Offensive Coordinator. We've heard reports of them having players-only meetings in the last week. These are all potentially galvanizing aspects of the game. Plus it's in Indianapolis and the last time Peyton played in Indianapolis, he didn't have his best game. It seemed to get in his head a little bit, so you put all those things together and maybe this isn't such the blowout win Broncos fans are expecting.

"But you are right, the Broncos are kicking and screaming this year and that's great."

Bonus listen

Eric and Zach talk about Peyton Manning's return to Indianapolis for the second time in his career with the Broncos.