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Horse Tracks: Broncos perfect record gets poked in the eye

We all knew it had to come sooner or later. The Denver Broncos finally lost their first game of the 2015 season. While it stings to get it out of the way, we should revel in the fact that Broncos fans got to avoid that feeling into mid-November. Here's all the news and notes to come out of Sunday's NFL action.

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So this is what Monday feels like after a loss? Ugh...

Granted, the first loss never feels as bad as losses to come, but still. I'd have liked to keep the win streak going, at least for another week. Truth be told, it was a game we deserved to lose. No running game. Inconsistent passing. A dominant defense that took the week off. Mental errors. Shady conduct by two of the Broncos marquee players. The list kind of goes on and on and it caught up with the Broncos in a big way on Sunday.

So where do the Broncos go from here? That's entirely up to Gary Kubiak. Is he going to instill the discipline to quash shady play? Is he going to get Vernon Davis more involved to improve the run game and provide another option in the passing attack? Here's hoping this loss defines the season. It can be a turning point where the Broncos get back on track and finish the second half of the season stronger than the first.

Oh, and the refs need to cut out the BS calls. That doesn't help either. Seriously.


After a loss like that, who wouldn't want to read multiple recaps?! Here they are.

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The Broncos first loss of the season was painful to watch. Broncos 'just out of whack' as undefeated start comes to end against Colts | Denver Broncos

The Broncos first-quarter shutout streak came to an unceremonious end on Sunday. Broncos' defense ends absolutely insane first-quarter streak | FOX Sports

The defense wasn't the only unit to struggle on Sunday. Peyton Manning Inconsistent in Broncos’ First Defeat -

Peyton went on to say the obvious. Peyton's Take: 'We didn't play our best' | Denver Broncos

Despite the loss, the Denver Broncos are a near-lock to make the postseason. There's plenty of time to unkink this hose before then. Regardless of how we feel about this loss and any ones to follow, it's all about the postseason. Peyton Manning's consolation is postseason will determine legacy | ESPN

Recent trade acquisition Vernon Davis was a non-factor on Sunday. Vernon Davis has very limited debut for Denver | ProFootballTalk

...and then there was the shady play from two of the Broncos stars. Aqib Talib intentionally poked an eye on Sunday.  Aqib Talib penalties cost Denver Broncos chance to force overtime | ESPN

Talib’s eye poke keeps Peyton short of record, helps Colts seal win | ProFootballTalk

Von Miller also got into the act and got a little dirty with a Colts receiver. The Broncos’ Von Miller Kneeled On An Opponent’s Throat | UPROXX

The Broncos sustained injuries to Chris Harris, Jr., Brandon Marshall, and DeMarcus Ware. Coach Kubiak updated the injury situation following the game. Injury Updates vs. IND: Kubiak on Ware's back injury | Denver Broncos

It's the Sunday Sacco! Former Broncos PR guru takes a look at the Broncos/Colts quarterback history... Yes, he even talks about the Miami Seahawks. Say what? Miami? Check it out! Sundays with Sacco: Shared legacy | Denver Broncos

Everyone remembers former Bronco Darrent Williams who was tragically gunned down following the 2006 season. The son he left behind is playing football. Here's a great article that may hit you in the feels. FORT WORTH, Texas: Slain Broncos star's son lives, plays with loss, questions | More Sports |

The resurgent Raiders were stopped short against the Steelers on Sunday. Oakland Raiders are game, but sloppy in loss to Pittsburgh Steelers | ESPN

Next up, the Raiders play the Vikings. They may have a better shot than previously thought if Teddy Bridgewater is out due to the concussion he sustained in Sunday's game. NFL will review Joyner’s hit on Bridgewater | ProFootballTalk

Big Ben was hurt (again) in the victory over the Raiders. Roethlisberger has foot sprain, will miss a few weeks -

Patriots running back Dion Lewis hurt his knee in their victory over Washington. Pats, Dion Lewis waiting for MRI results | ProFootballTalk

The Packers and Panthers game was a big one. Cam Newton, Panthers stay perfect after Packers rally -

Ol' Peyton had his issue with the scoreboard operator, Cam Newton took issue with a fan's sign. Seriously though, don't put up a banner in another team's stadium. That's kind of asking for it. Fan upset Cam Newton tore Packers sign down -

There was some infighting on the Packers sideline in the loss to the Panthers. Clinton-Dix apologizes for sideline spat with Peppers -

Former Seahawk Brandon Browner got into it with a couple reporters following the Saints loss to the Titans. Browner directs profanity-laced tirade at reporter -

What the heck happened to the Falcons? The floundering 49ers led by Blaine Gabbert beat them? Really? How does that happen? Gabbert propels 49ers to win over fading Falcons -

Alright Broncos Country, Kansas City is up next. Let's shrug off Sunday's loss and get ready to resume what can be an historic season. GO BRONCOS!