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Power Rankings Week 13: Broncos knock down Brady and the Pats

After a thrilling game against Tom Brady and the Patriots, the Broncos are now the only team with a winning record against him. And that puts them at the top.

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What an exciting and frustrating week 12! The Broncos knocked Tom Brady down, literally, while also taking away the Patriots undefeated record. Once again, half the league has a 5-6 or 6-5 record, meaning the playoffs are still anybody's game. Can the Panthers continue on their streak? Can another team beat the Patriots to potentially give the Broncos home-field advantage in the playoffs?

Here are your week 13 power rankings!

Denver Broncos

Record 9-2. Why? Because I can, just let me have my moment. And also because they looked like a complete, well-balanced team last night, despite multiple injuries. I know that Pats fans seem to think they were the victims of injuries and poor officiating, but I still have yet to hear a play that was called on or a non-call against them that was actually a bad call. As for the injuries... well, if the Broncos can win without these guys, I am confident that we have the most depth in the league. Not only that, but the Broncos are going to continue improving throughout the season.

New England Patriots

Record 10-1. The Patriots fought a hard game in the elements. Sure, they are down some key offensive players, but they still have Brady and they still had Gronk for 90% of the game. And I'm happy to say that Gronk will miss minimal time. Tom Brady threw another tantrum on national television and it was glorious. His tears taste so yum.

Carolina Panthers

Record 11-0. The Panthers are the only undefeated team in the NFL left. They have the best team in franchise history. Blessed with low injuries and an easy schedule, somehow the Panthers are historically the worst team to ever be 11-0, according to statistics. I sure have seen a lot more of those beautiful baby blue jerseys lately.

Arizona Cardinals

Record 9-2. The Cardinals looked pretty iffy out there against a weak 49ers. This should have been an easy game against the worst NFC West team. But like I always say, division games can go any way- the same reason the Broncos can't write off the Chargers next week. The Cardinals still have it, and they will continue proving it.

Cincinnati Bengals

Record 9-2. Andy Dalton and company finally got to get out of the spotlight and play in the normal time slot, and they pulled off a convincing victory. They'll make the playoffs, but they aren't convincingly in the super bowl conversation.

Green Bay Packers

Record 7-4. Aaron Rodgers just can't catch a break out there. Dear Patriots fans, you have nothing to complain about. The Packers' wide receivers replacing Jordy Nelson and Davonte Adams just can't seem to get enough space. Rodgers still dances beautifully in the pocket, but if the offense can't come up with a game plan to get some of his targets open, the Packers are going to be fighting for their playoff life.

Minnesota Vikings

Record 8-3. The Vikings led themselves to a convincing win over the Falcons, with AP looking as young as ever. The Vikings might actually be an NFC contender this season.

Indianapolis Colts

Record 6-5. The 40-year-old second string QB named Hasslebeck is undefeated this year. Just because he's older than Peyton, doesn't mean you should sit his WRs on your fantasy football bench.

Kansas City Chiefs

Record 6-5. The Chiefs just pulled of their 5th straight win, and they have the easiest schedule going into week 13. The Broncos need to stay on their A-game to keep the Chiefs in check.

Seattle Seahawks

Record 6-5. It's hard for me to keep them out of the top ten when the referees play for them too. Seriously though, it seems like every game a questionable call goes their way for a close victory.

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Pittsburgh Steelers

Record 6-5. Seriously, I'm sorry guys. I wish you could have pulled off a convincing win without the officials playing into it.

Houston Texans

Record 6-5. The Texans seem to finally be gelling, and JJ Watt is looking more like himself. This is the team with the best shot to deliver another loss to the Patriots, and I really hope it happens.

Buffalo Bills

Record 5-6. The Bills lost to the Chiefs, but not without a fight. The Chiefs defense looked a little less than perfect. I still think they have a good, young team. But they aren't a playoff caliber team.

New York Jets

Record 6-5. The Jets steamrolled the Dolphins, without the help of Revis Island. Fitzpatrick trimmed his beard to a reasonable level, and continued hitting Brandon Marshall. Chris Ivory helped too.

Chicago Bears

Record 5-6. Somehow the Bears have found a way to be relevant again. I think Adam Gase soul sucked some of Peyton's forehead to actually make Jay Cutler smarter. We want it back, Adam!!

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Detroit Lions

Record 4-7. The Lions are the best 4-7 team in the league. Too bad they are still 4-7. They really had some bad luck with their early schedule. But this week they totally curb stomped the flailing Eagles, scoring 45 points on them. Is Megatron back? I predict they come back and become a wild-card contender.

Washington Redskins

Record 5-6. Apparently benching RG3 wasn't the worst idea for Washington. Kirk Cousins has had a hot streak, and they have gone from really sucking to being mediocre. They're improving, only time will tell if they actually can continue on that trajectory.

Oakland Raiders

Record 5-6. A close game this week against the Titans made me a little more confident that the Raiders still are below average. Murray and Cooper seem to have come back down to earth a bit, and finally their criminal pass rusher is serving his suspension. And you can never forget, Del Rio is still their coach.

Atlanta Falcons

Record 6-5. The Falcons have been free falling harder than Tom Petty lately. They started off so great, and then had to play teams that are actually good.

New York Giants

Record 5-6. Eli's receivers sure were making him look bad against Washington. Poor guy had three interceptions on tipped passes. Odell made another ridiculous catch though. The Giants are better than their record.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record 5-6. Jameis Winston is starting  to play football like he knows what he's doing. Unlike when he's stealing crab legs.

Baltimore Ravens

Record 4-7. Just when I was complaining that MNF was the Ravens and the Browns, this happened as time was running out, on the game-winning field goal.

I think that might actually be the most exciting last 2 minutes of any game I've ever witnessed. Doesn't mean either of these teams are good though.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Record 4-7. The Jaguars just lost to the Chargers. I don't even know if that should be surprising anymore. At least the Jags are consistently awful each season.

St. Louis Rams

Record 4-7. I'm not even sure how Jeff Fischer still has a job at this point. He consistently beats better teams, but comes up way way short against bad ones. And this year they have played a lot of bad teams.

Miami Dolphins

Record 4-7. I don't think the Dolphins expected to be in the playoffs after firing their head coach, but they probably expected to at least improve a little. That doesn't appear to  have happened yet.

New Orleans Saints

Record 4-7. The Saints defense hasn't improved after firing Rob Ryan, and the offense seems even worse. They have a tough schedule coming up, playing the undefeated Panthers this week. I don't expect them to deal the Panthers their first loss of the season.

San Diego Chargers

Record 3-8. Bow Tie Rivers tossed five touchdowns in a win against the Jaguars. But it was the Jaguars. We all really expected the Chargers to be better than this at the beginning of the season.

Dallas Cowboys

Record 3-8. Tony Romo re-injured his collar bone and is out the rest of the season. Although I have a soft spot for Romo, you won't see me upset about the poor play of the Cowboys.

Philadelphia Eagles

Record 4-7. I can't believe Chip Kelly is still coaching in the NFL. How are the Eagles this bad?? They gave up 45 points to the Lions!

San Francisco 49ers

Record 3-8. The 49ers stuck around against the Cardinals to an uncomfortable extent. That doesn't change the fact that they still have one of the worst records in the league, and it appears to be for good reason.

Cleveland Browns

Record 2-9. Browns fans just can't catch a break. It looked like they were going to win that game, and then Johnny Football ripped out their hearts one more time, because he was sitting on the bench. Maybe he will end up in Dallas, I hear they need a quarterback.

Tennessee Titans

Record 2-9. The Titans number one draft pick last year didn't help them move from the number 32 team. I like Mariota, so I hope he picks it up soon.