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Pete Morelli's crew yanked from prime time after two error-filled weeks

The crew that called the game between the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears has been suspended by the NFL after they ran amok during the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals game this week.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike Patriots fans this week, us Denver Broncos fans are actually justified in their serious grievances against how the game was called in the Broncos 17-15 victory over the Chicago Bears. Pete Morelli's crew called 118 yards in penalties called against the Broncos to a big fat zero against the Bears.

More egregiously, the most critical fouls occurred during the Bears final drive that closed the gap - and covered the spread - to the final 17-15 score. At least two of those calls during the final drive were so bad that even the biggest Bears homer would be hard-pressed to justify the call made.

Many of us were beyond furious over how that went down. It appears the NFL wasn't pleased either.

And after doing their best to ensure the San Francisco 49ers didn't cover the spread (and failed thanks to a missed extra point) against the Arizona Cardinals, the NFL has removed the crew from Sunday Night Football to a non-prime time game.

In my opinion, this entire crew should have been suspended indefinitely pending an investigation. Am I insinuating that this crew is dirty? Maybe. I've always been a "where there's smoke, there's fire" kind of guy and there sure seems to be a lot of smoke coming from the games this crew has been calling in recent weeks.

My fear now is that this crew will get re-assigned to the Broncos road game against the San Diego Chargers. I don't want that shady spread-covering crew anywhere near another Broncos game. But that's just me.

UPDATE: No Broncos game for Morelli's crew!  Whew...