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Peyton Manning is back practicing, but should he start when ready?

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Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive discuss the fact that Peyton Manning is back practicing and could be ready to play in a week or two.

With Peyton Manning getting back on the practice field on Wednesday, Goodman and Shapiro discuss whether or not Manning getting back into the mix is going to mess up Brock Osweiler's and the Denver Broncos mojo. After debating whether Manning is even good enough to be a starter, they seemed to both agree he wasn't very good for most of 2015.

I think Manning is definitely injured and that is primarily why he was so atrocious against the Kansas City Chiefs, but he was languishing long before that. It's a delicate situation given the fact that Manning is a first ballot Hall of Famer and a five time NFL MVP. For most players, you can kick them to curb without a second thought, but there are always exceptions to that "Not For Long" rule and Manning is definitely one of those exceptions.

At the end of the day, Gary Kubiak needs the best quarterback on the field. The question is, does he value the best quarterback mind or the best quarterback arm? Manning can still play, but physically I do not think anyone will question that Osweiler has the upper hand there. However, I also do not think anyone would question that Manning's football acumen is far superior to Osweiler's at this point in both players careers.

Which is more important heading into the playoffs?

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