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Pro Bowl 2016: Only three Broncos players would go to Hawaii based on current fan vote

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Only three Broncos are going to Hawaii based on current voting results—you can change that!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Players and coaches will still have a say, but fans aren't planning to send too many Broncos to Hawaii in 2016. With five days left of fan voting to go, only three Broncos would make the Pro Bowl roster based on current voting results.



Position Rank

Position Pro Bowlers

Aqib Talib


Third (152,534)

Eight (8)

DeMarcus Ware

Outside Linebacker

Third (107,989)

Six (6)

Brandon McManus


Fourth (53,702)

Two (2)

Von Miller

Outside Linebacker

Fifth (89,362)

Six (6)

Brandon Marshall

Inside Linebacker

Sixth (54,299)

Four (4)

David Bruton Jr.

Special Teams

Eighth (31,880)

Two (2)

Chris Harris Jr.


Ninth (81,532)

Eight (8)

T.J. Ward

Strong Safety

Tenth (34,205)

Six (6)

Since the last voting update, Demaryius Thomas and Peyton Manning have fallen out of the top ten vote-getters at their respective positions. Evan Mathis and Juwan Thompson have dropped down since earlier this year, too.

Harris, who has fallen two spots since Nov. 25, is the most surprising.

If fan voting ended today, only Talib, Miller, and Ware would represent Denver in the All-Star game. Players and coaches still have to vote, however, so it's likely that more than three Broncos will be represented.

And lest any fans choose not to vote because they hope Denver will be too busy preparing for Super Bowl 50, consider that players appreciate the recognition of being voted into the game.

Even if players are not available to play in the game, it is still an honor to be voted in.

Last year, the Broncos had eleven Pro Bowlers.

Fan voting ends on Tuesday, Dec. 15. Cast your ballot here.

This season's Pro Bowl will be played in Hawaii on Sunday, January 31. The game will air on ESPN.