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Broncos podcast: Gary Kubiak has never seen an injury report quite like this

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The Broncos' depth is starting to thin, especially in the secondary and across the offensive line.

The Denver Broncos have a whopping 22 players listed on their Week 14 injury report. Add in two left tackles on Injured Reserve and you can see why a lot of fans are starting to be concerned about Denver's health.

"That is the longest list that I've ever had," Denver Broncos head coach Kubiak said Thursday of the injury report this week, "but I think some guys are pushing to get there, so I think (Friday) is a big indicator for us as a team. We've had good work. I think our work was good today. Obviously, we're not in our pads and stuff like we are on Thursday [sic], but our reps were good. I think we're having a good week. We just have to see what takes place over the next 48 hours."

Eric Goodman and Will Peterson of Mile High Sports talked about Denver's injuries on the Afternoon Drive. Listen above.

Bonus listen