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Raiders-Broncos prediction contest: Will Brock Osweiler win his fourth straight?

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Predict the final score and win 3D Broncos cups from

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The Denver Broncos (10-2) take on the Oakland Raiders (5-7) in Week 14. Here's how the MHR Staff predicts the game will go down!

But first...

Score prediction contest

Take the poll at the bottom of this post then enter your score prediction in the comments. The closest score prediction will win a set of three 3D Broncos cups from!

The folks at sent me a package of these cups to check out, and they are nice. They're sturdy plastic with that old-school 3D look you loved as a kid. The winner will also receive a 3D player poster. The players featured are Peyton Manning, Von Miller, and Demaryius Thomas.

These cups and the posters are only available for purchase through December 15th.

Merry Christmas, Broncos Country!

Restrictions apply. Please refer to MHR's Contest Rules and Guidelines for qualifications of this contest.


Broncos 24, Raiders 6

Welcome to Denver, fader nation. Derek Carr is on the ropes and trying to do his best impression of Matt Schaub. The Raiders look like a completely mediocre to below-average team that doesn't have the weapons to really take over a game on either side of the ball. They come into Denver this week against a team that is finding its true groove as we march towards the playoffs. Our defense is going to smother Oakland. Our offense is going to be perfectly happy to just manage the game and take what they get and play smart field-position football. Denver 24, Oakland 6. - Sadaraine

Broncos 27, Raiders 16

Jack Del Rio's defense has given up big days to quarterbacks every week since their (week 6) Bye except for once. As of Thursday coach Gary Kubiak is stating that it is possible that Juwan Thompson gets the start. So, the Broncos are basically fielding your Madden 2015 starting lineup this Sunday with DeMarcus Ware looking to return. It's hard to predict that Brock Osweiler is going to have a good game, but it's even harder to argue against it. Denver's defense is on a historic pace and it's time they have a trophy quarterback to give them a lead. However, once again Osweiler will face a defensive coach that has spent the last few seasons practicing against him and exploiting his weaknesses. I think Del Rio has the same fate as John Fox suffered and Elway will punch back in his inaugural sweep of Del Rio coached teams. - Ian Henson

Broncos 27, Raiders 6

You want my prediction? If we can go into Oakland and beat them with Peyton throwing 2 interceptions and leading the offense to zero, count them zero offensive points, we can destroy Oakland in Denver. If we can go into Oak Town and have 42 rushing yards and still win by six, we will pummel the Raiders into the ground in the Mile High City. We won't need a 60 yard Chris Harris Jr. pick six to come from behind and steal a victory from the jaws of defeat. We will have our balanced attack and lethal defense do a tag team on that sad sack of amateurs they call the Oakland Raiders. - Pete Baron

Broncos 21, Raiders 13

Here is how good the Broncos truly are this season - we are going to beat the surprisingly improved Oakland Raiders (again) and do it with a slew of backup players on both sides of the ball. Some of those are temporary, some are likely starters the rest of the season. Either way, it won't be as easy a win as it should be, but it will still be a 'W.' Broncos 21, Raiders 13. - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Broncos 24, Raiders 10

It's another two-touchdown win for the Broncos, whose defense is too much for Derek Carr, despite Latavius Murray getting about 100 yards. - Monty

Your prediction

Give us your prediction in the poll and comments to be entered into the contest to win a set of Broncos player cups!