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Live Blog: Steelers-Bengals, Chargers-Chiefs highlight early Week 14 NFL games

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Steelers-Bengals. Chargers-Chiefs. Come talk about football.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

While Week 14 is full of juicy playoff storylines, none are bigger than the one taking place in Cincinnati, when the Bengals take on their division rival Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bengals (10-2) can clinch the AFC North with a victory over Ben Roethlisberger and company (7-5), but the AFC implications are even greater.

A lot of fans of different AFC teams, including those of the Broncos, Patriots, Jets, Chiefs, and Bills, will be watching this game closely, rooting for either team based on how either result would benefit their respective playoff chances. Broncos fans will no doubt be rooting for the Steelers to beat the Bengals and help Denver take over the #1 seed, even though a Steelers loss could help the Broncos clinch a playoff spot in Week 14.

Elsewhere in the early games, the Chargers will take on the Chiefs, the Colts will face the Jaguars, and the Panthers will go for 13-0 against the rival Falcons. Come talk about the games below.