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Denver Broncos stumble in third quarter as Oakland Raiders close gap to 12-9

The Oakland Raiders find their mojo on both sides of the ball to close the Denver Broncos lead to 12-9 at the end of the third quarter.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The third quarter started with the Oakland Raiders getting their first legit first down of the game. They drove down the field and scored a touchdown on a pass that I feel would have been called back had it been the Denver Broncos. But I've been completely jaded about officiating in 2015 for a while.

If there were ever a need for Brock Osweiler to respond, it was on this next drive. However, he had his helmet ripped off on a third down sack that forced the Broncos first punt of the game.

The Broncos defense came alive after giving up the touchdown on the previous drive to force a quick three and out on the Raiders with the next possession. Demaryius Thomas would fumble on a first down conversion to give the Raiders the ball deep in Broncos territory.

In field goal range, the Broncos defense flexed its muscles on third down and one with a sack from Shaquil Barret to knock the Raiders out of field goal range. The best defense in the league preserves the Broncos 12-7 lead.

Unfortunately, Osweiler has completely lost his mojo and quickly led the Broncos to a three and out. Again the Broncos defense must come up with a stop and a stop they came up with.

The next Broncos drive would start at their own 2 yard line (not good). Osweiler, after a terrible pass to a wide open Juwann Thompson over the middle would fumble in the end zone on the next play that would result in a safety for the Raiders.

On the next drive, the Broncos defense are coming up with some plays and ended the third quarter with the Raiders in a third and long situation.