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Horse Tracks: Broncos drop the ball against the Raiders

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Well that didn't last long. For a brief moment on Sunday, the Broncos had moved into the number one seed in the playoff hunt. Then football got in the way. Against the Oakland Raiders, it was the tale of two halves. Unfortunately, the first was not good enough to mitigate the miscues of the second.

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How in the world does a Denver Broncos team that battled back against the New England Patriots in the snow and cold roll over onto its back and let the Raiders do that to them? What Broncos Country saw from the offense in the second half of yesterday's game was downright putrid.

Folks, if the Broncos are going to make any noise in the playoffs, everybody has to hold on to the ball. Between the fumbles and dropped passes, the Broncos had plenty of opportunity to make something happen. Vernon Davis' dropped pass in the 4th quarter, Demaryius Thomas at the goal line, Emmanuel Sanders' muffed punt return, Brock in the end zone for a safety - it was all really ugly. It's time to pull out those special colored balls that we heard so much about last season. Blue, brown, or green, it doesn't matter - just don't drop the damn thing.

Now I'm going to turn my attention to Demaryius Thomas. Thomas made a huge display this offseason by holding out of minicamps and Manning's private passing camp he holds each year. While I understand that he saw this as necessary to get his substantial paycheck, I can't help but see that missing that work he's regressed as a pass catcher. Either that, or he just doesn't care enough to do what it takes to hold on to the ball.

Sure, there are folks out there that will say that his shoulder was injured and he did his best. Not good enough. If Thomas hauls those dropped passes in on Sunday, the Broncos are in sole control of number one seed for as long as they can keep it. If you aren't well enough to catch the ball, you shouldn't be on the field. A dropped pass here or there isn't a big deal, but in more than a few games this season we've seen his hands go ice cold and it's time to get worried.

Demaryius got top receiver money this offseason, it's high time he held on to the ball like one.


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