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Broncos botch their chance to easily wrap-up AFC West in Week 14

The Broncos could have clinched a playoff spot with a win and a Chiefs loss. But with a Broncos loss and a Chiefs win, things are getting a little too close for comfort in the AFC West

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Here is my daughter's recap of the Raiders-Broncos game: "I remember it was 12-0, but then they didn't get more points than 12."

That about sums up how the Broncos went from the team in control of their playoff destiny, to a team threatening to fizzle out at the worst possible time. You can learn more about the Broncos current playoff status by looking at MHR's most recent Playoff Picture.


Team W L T Div Conf.
Denver Broncos 10 3 0 3-2 6-3
Kansas City Chiefs 8 5 0 4-1 7-2
Oakland Raiders 6 7 0 2-2 6-4
San Diego Chargers 3 10 0 0-4 2-7

Raiders @ Broncos

Final Score: 15-12

Game recap: I know I was most concerned about how the defense was going to handle this game - only because they were so injured. But it was the offense and special teams that doomed the Broncos chances.

In the end, this game stunk up Mile High Stadium as bad as that taun taun Han Solo slit open in The Empire Strikes Back to keep Luke warm smelled up Hoth. Speaking of Broncos and taun tauns . . .

For more Star Wars NFL helmets look here. Because why not take your mind off this game!

If you'd like a traditional recap of the game you can find one here or here.

If not, here are some of the things I overhead during the game on Sunday at the stadium:

  • "It's so much warmer than the Patriots game!"
  • "That's a play where we could have really used Peyton in there."
  • "Dammit did Sanders muff that punt because I wore my new Sanders jersey today? Is it cursed?" (this was said by me)
  • "Where is the beer guy?"
  • "This is just like the games at the beginning of the season, but we're not going to end up winning this on."
  • "Where's Tebow?" (no one actually said that)

Injury concerns Raiders: Austin Howard (knee)

Injury concerns Broncos: Lerentee McCray, Cody Latimer, and Darian Stewart all had hamstring injuries during the game.

Raiders Week 15 matchup: Raiders @ Packers

Broncos Week 15 matchup: Broncos @ Steelers (where is Tebow when you need him against a solid Steelers team? Kidding!)

Chargers @ Chiefs

Final Score: 3-10

Game recap: The Broncos defense isn't the only one impressing in the AFC West. The Kansas City Chiefs defense came through when their team needed them and held the San Diego Chargers to three points in a rainy victory in Arrowhead.

The Chargers really just can't catch a break this season. Their QB and best player, Philip Rivers, pushed through the game despite having the flu, and Melvin Gordon continues to look like a draft bust.

Chargers injury concerns: Steve Williams (hip)

Chiefs injury concerns: Spencer Ware (ribs)

Chargers Week 15 matchup: Dolphins @ Chargers

Chiefs Week 15 matchup: Chiefs @ Ravens