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Terrell Davis to the Hall of Fame gets a billboard in Canton

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The number of Denver Broncos players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame is definitely a point of contention among fans of the team, but seeing Terrell Davis get passed up year after year has been particularly torturous of us fans. As I noted last month, it seems like this might be TD's best chance yet at getting inducted into Canton.

And now we have a billboard.

Not only do we have that billboard, but NFL Network featured it on NFLHQ. It certainly feels like momentum is building. I was part of a fan committee way back the year before Floyd Little was inducted into the Hall of Fame and we worked the voters and the media tirelessly all year long. The run up right now is definitely giving me the same kind of vibe that run up to Little's eventual induction gave.

Davis has certainly earned the right to be in as the greatest playoff running back of all time. He averaged a full 32 yards more per game in the playoffs than the next best Hall of Fame running back. Seriously, that is ridiculous when you think about it.

He didn't just do it in the playoffs though. He had an NFL rushing title, NFL MVP award, Super Bowl MVP award and topped 2000 yards rushing in a single season. He's also the only running back to rush for 100 yards or more in a playoff game in seven consecutive games. Oh and by the way, that is ahead of Hall of Fame running backs John Riggins and Thurman Thomas who had six and Franco Harris and Marcus Allen who had five.

The time to include Terrell Davis in that group of players has long since passed. Join the TDHOF Facebook page to keep the momentum building.

Editor's Note: Special thanks to Michael Alverson (tweet above) for leading this charge by creating the Facebook community, pushing media members everywhere about TD, and being just an all around awesome fan!