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Peyton Manning back at Broncos practice, 'throwing all routes'

Peyton Manning returns to practice, and that won't be the end of this.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This is how it starts:

Not with a whisper, but a bang.

Some sect of Denver Broncos fans is downright giddy about the tidbit that Denver Post's Troy Renck tweeted, but what you really need to see is Renck's genius in wording, "Throwing the ball on all routes."

Might that route be the one where it appeared that Brock Osweiler would usurp the oak barreled aged quarterback?

Or is this all gamesmanship? It would be completely normal for it to take Manning 2 more weeks of rehab (and keep to the original estimate of a 7 week rehab). All of that gamesmanship will result in a question as to who is the starter in the playoffs. While this may frustrate fans, it's going to frustrate defenses and teams prepping for the Broncos in the playoffs even more.