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Peyton Manning's foot injury has been 'going on for five or six months', says Archie

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"He's not going to think about retirement right now," said Archie Manning.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Many have speculated that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning's poor performance in 2015 has been injury-related. While the Gary Kubiak-Manning offensive marriage also is believed to have played a role, clearly there has been something off with the Broncos' (arguably) starting signal-caller.

We received unofficial confirmation of that Thursday when Peyton's father Archie Manning spoke to the media.

"He's really had this foot problem that's been going on for five or six months," Archie Manning said.

Just like that, speculation confirmed. Five or six months would bring us back to before training camp.

The elder Manning was answering a question about Peyton's future in 2016, and responded how you'd expect: no answer yet.

"He's not going to think about retirement right now," said Archie Manning. "He's trying to get well. He wants to get well. He's got a team there that's in the middle of a playoff run he wants to help. If he gets back on the field, he wants to be ready. "

Can a foot injury that's been going on for half a year be healed and football-ready in just over a month? I have my doubts. We'll have to wait and see if Peyton Manning returns to the field in 2015 then make any Brock Osweiler-related decisions from there.