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Horse Tracks: Thank you, Mile High Report

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Thank you for two great years, MHR.

When I was fourteen years old, I started a blog called Broncos Zone. It was a terrible site, but I was passionate about it. I was inspired to start my own blog after frequently visiting BroncoTalk, which was run by a guy named Kyle Montgomery at the time.

After a few years of running Broncos Zone, Kyle reached out to me and asked me to join BroncoTalk's staff. I eagerly accepted, and I've written for Kyle almost continuously since then. I was writing for Bleacher Report when Kyle took over Mile High Report, but I eventually followed him here.

I've really enjoyed my time at MHR. Kyle is great, the staff is great, and the readers are phenomenal. I've learned a lot while writing for MHR—from writing methods to football terminology to practice squad eligibility (thanks, ozark_orange!).

Thank you, Kyle, for the opportunity. Thank you, readers, for reading and for keeping me honest. I've learned a lot from the knowledgeable football fans on this site.

When I was seventeen, Patrick Smyth told me to get as much experience as possible if I wanted to get a job in the sports world, and I took that to heart. Since then I have written for outlets including B/R, BT, MHR, the Patriot-News, PennLive, ProFootballSpot, and TiqIQ (one of my TiqIQ pieces was published on I've also written for my school's Campus Post.

I've done freelance video work for WHP CBS 21, and I've interned with the Pensacola Ice Flyers, the Central Penn Piranha, and ESPN Pensacola. I've worked on social media campaigns with companies including SB Nation, Club Red, Old Spice, Papa John's Pizza, and Verizon Wireless.

I took on those opportunities to gain experience and improve my resume as Patrick suggested. Now, with two semesters left before I graduate with a B.A. in English, a new opportunity has arrived.

I am leaving MHR to run Broncos Wire, a soon to be launched site from USA TODAY Sports. USA TODAY has plans to expand their digital presence, and I'm excited to be part of it.

Thank you all for making my two years at MHR special. I'm on to new opportunities.

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