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Bradley Roby: 'We are going to see which group is better'

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Second year Denver Broncos cornerback, Bradley Roby, was interviewed by Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro on Mile High Sports' Afternoon Drive where they discussed the upcoming game between the Broncos and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

If you haven't heard Roby interviewed before, then you will definitely want to listen in on this one. He appears to be a very deliberate guy and was right on target with what most of us know about the Steelers strengths and weaknesses, especially when it comes to Ben Roethlisberger. Here are the highlights of that interview.

On his excitment to face the vaunted Steelers offense

"Very excited, because we see ourselves as a great trio of cornerbacks. In this league, it's all about what you do on the field, so we're going to see which group is better. Honestly we're going to see which is better one is better on Sunday."

On Big Ben potentially taking risks down the field

"Any time you go up against an offense that puts the ball in the air a lot, they are taking that chance of you coming down with it as well. If you get more opportunities like that, then that's great. It's going to be fun, man. A lot of people have been saying this and that, but it's football. You know what I'm saying, it's what we've done all year."

On what he means by 'this and that'

"Just about what you were saying about them having three, ah, good receivers, we have three good corners. That whole dynamic, you know."

On Martavis Bryant and Markus Wheaton averaging over 18 yards a catch

"I do know that, but that just means they throw the ball deep to them. It works hand in hand, you know, because he can't hold the ball all day because we're going to have the rush on him. He can hold the ball if he wants, but he's going to get sacked."

On Big Ben's elusiveness to the pass rush

"He's one of the best, if not they best, at eluding the rush. Him and Aaron Rodgers are in the top tier of guys at having pocket awareness. I actually see Big Ben looking at guys, then looking back downfield and throwing it up. So like I said, there will be opportunities for us to make plays."

On the importance of winning this game after such a tough loss to Oakland

"It's very big this week, because we never want to lose multiple games in a row first off. Then the time period of the season where it is right now, it's the end of the season, you don't ever want to drop any games. So this is definitely 'must win' and that's our focus on it. I'm sure it's the same for them as well. It's going to be a great playoff game atmosphere. That's the way it feels, even before we even leave to go."

Bonus listen

In this segment, they discuss the problems along the offensive line. Michael Schofield, in particular, has struggled against elite pass rushers and Ryan Harris hasn't been all that good in pass protection either.