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Peyton Manning misses practice with foot soreness

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It appears that Manning's foot is still giving him some problems

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

According to Head Coach Gary Kubiak, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning missed Friday's practice after he told the coaches his foot was sore on Friday morning.

Here's what Coach Kubiak had to say about Manning's soreness.

"He came in this morning and was a little sore, so we just said, 'OK, we'll stop for the weekend and we'll go from there,' so we'll pick back up on Monday," Head Coach Gary Kubiak said. "It just happened this morning, so it's a decision we made with what we're doing."

The Broncos are going to shut Manning down for the weekend to give him and his foot some extra rest. Kubiak did say that Manning will travel with the team to Pittsburgh and will likely be on the sideline for the Broncos.

There has to be some concern here about Manning's foot. This didn't appear to be a planned day off for Manning, so it appears his foot is still giving him some problems. Manning returned to practice for the first time in a month earlier this week.

With that said, it doesn't appear that this was a major setback for Manning. According to Kubiak, the plan right now, at least, is for Manning to return to his practice schedule next week.

The Broncos host the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football next week, so that will give Manning some extra time to rest his foot.

With Manning being shut down this week, I think that hurts his chances of taking over the starting job next weekend. I'd imagine the Broncos coaches would like to see Manning get through a healthy week of full practice before seeing him take the field. That's just my opinion, though.