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Denver Broncos thoroughly snubbed in Pro Bowl voting from the fans

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The fan voting period for the Pro Bowl ended this week with the Denver Broncos getting very few players in. Fortunately, the fan voting only counts as 1/3 of the final vote so there is a chance the players and coaches will show Broncos players a bit more respect.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

With the fan voting end concluding earlier this week, the players and coaches cast their votes on Friday, December 18th. If their voting matches the fan voting, then the Denver Broncos could find themselves with one or two players representing one of the best defenses of the decade.

Not a single offensive player made the top ten in fan voting, so don't expect that to be a thing this year. On defense, the Broncos have a couple of guys solidly in and a few on the cusp.

Player Position Rank
Brandon Marshall ILB 6th
Von Miller OLB 2nd
DeMarcus Ware OLB 5th
Aqib Talib CB 3rd
Chris Harris Jr. CB 9th
T.J. Ward SS 8th

That is basically it for the Broncos for the 2016 Pro Bowl. If every single one of these guys gets in, then I think that would make me fairly happy. It's always good to see your favorite team get the league-wide recognition they deserve for playing well all season long.

Do you think any players are missing from this list that deserve more recognition than they have gotten from the fans?