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AFC West Wrap-Up: All four teams won in Week 12

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The Broncos, Chiefs, Raiders, and Chargers all won their games in Week 12. But only one of these victories was against an undefeated team.

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The Broncos remain on top of the AFC West, leading the Chiefs by three games. The Chiefs are currently projected to be the #5 seed in the AFC West, but they will have to keep winning to stay ahead of the Jets, Steelers, and Raiders. The Chiefs-Raiders game in Week 13 is a must win game for both teams.

The Broncos are in a great position right now, but they too need to keep winning to protect a playoff spot. The Chargers have been a mess this season, however they usually play well against the Broncos, and the Broncos face them twice in the next five weeks.


Team W L T Div Conf.
Denver Broncos 9 2 0 2-1 5-2
Kansas City Chiefs 6 5 0 2-1 5-2
Oakland Raiders 5 6 0 1-1 5-3
San Diego Chargers 3 8 0 0-2 2-5

Patriots @ Broncos

Final score: 24-30

Recap: Wooooooo!

While many were disappointed Sunday night's game would not be another Manning-Brady classic, no Broncos fan was disappointed at the conclusion of this stunner. The Broncos looked exactly like they were supposed to look - a team that can win high pressure games, in the snow, with a running game. Injuries on defense and the o-line couldn't stop the Broncos from fighting until the end in a game that somewhat mirrored the Broncos-Patriots game in 2013. Brock Osweiler looked right at home in his first home game and his first primetime game. He may very well get the chance to play in another one the Monday night after Christmas against the Bengals.

Injury concerns: T. J. Ward (ankle), Sylvestor Williams (ankle), Louis Vasquez (groin)

Week 13 matchup: Broncos @ Chargers

Bills @ Chiefs

Final score: 24-30

Recap: This was win #5 for the Chiefs. It was important to not only stay somewhat close to the Broncos in the AFC West, but also to stay ahead of the Bills in the Wild Card race. The Chiefs are playing great football, and are unquestionably on a hot streak.

One big concern for the Chiefs are the injuries they sustained in this game. Justin Houston could miss some time, and the Chiefs had to add O-linemen to their practice squad early this week to add depth.

Injury concerns: Justin Houston (knee), Eric Fisher (neck), Mitch Morse (concussion), Jeff Allen (ankle)

Week 13 matchup: Chiefs @ Raiders

Raiders @ Titans

Final score: 24-21

Recap: The Raiders pulled out a victory over the Titans in a downpour of rain in Tennessee. And according to Titans fans (and it turns out the NFL), they lost the game in large part because of a blown call by the refs. Interesting stats from this game that ended a three game losing streak for the Raiders: Titans home record this season 0-6. Number of home games Titans fans have lost at home in a row - 11. Raiders record when they are flagged for over 10 penalties - 4-0.

The Raiders need to beat the Chiefs next week if they want any chance of getting back into the Wild Card race.

Injury concerns: None. Derek Carr briefly left the game, but quickly returned.

Week 13 matchup: Chiefs @ Raiders (Go Raiders! Yes, I just said that.)

Chargers @ Jaguars

Final score: 31-25

Recap: I hate it when fans or players overlook teams, but it's hard to not overlook the Chargers. Yes, they won a game, against the Jaguars, and broke their six game losing streak. But even Chargers fans can't get very excited about this win (the Weddle vine is worthy of your click, trust me).

Rivers continues to play well, despite his team's struggles. On Sunday he passed 40,000 career passing yards and now has 275 career passing touchdowns, moving ahead of Joe Montana. Rivers will certainly have his hands full next Sunday with the Broncos defense.

Injury concerns: None (this is the first time I have ever written this after a Chargers game so I'm assuming I missed something)

Week 13 matchup: Broncos @ Chargers