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Denver Broncos Power Rankings: Broncos don't improve despite big win vs. Patriots

The Broncos' victory over the Patriots benefitted the Panthers more than the Broncos with many of the NFL's power rankers. This is great bulletin board material for Broncos players this Sunday.

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The Denver Broncos Sunday night victory over the previously undefeated New England Patriots failed to impress the majority of the power rankers around the web this week. It's not like beating a team with 10 wins is impressive. Or that this win might be the difference between the road to the Super Bowl going through Foxboro or Denver.

And it's not apparently very impressive to some of these rankers that a quarterback making his second NFL start led an offense that has struggled most of the season to a late 4th quarter touchdown to take the lead. In the snow. In primetime. Against a coach many believe might be the best ever. That other team's quarterback (you know, the guy they put in there a few years back) is really quite good too, when he isn't being thrown to the ground by the Broncos crushing defense.

Perhaps the authors wanted to leave some room for improvement for the Broncos in their rankings, as it seems reasonable to think that barring more injuries, the Broncos offense is just going to get better and better.

Power rankings are of course subjective (and don't really mean anything), but it's annoying to not see much movement for the Broncos in many of these rankings (and yes, I'm obviously biased). The one big jump up in the rankings was from Peter King, who is clearly a bit of a knee jerker when it comes to power rankings. Which admittedly is one of the reasons why I like including his Fine Fifteen in these posts.

Here are the rankings for the Broncos this week around the web.

ESPN: 3 (last week 3)

Brock Osweiler isn't 2-0 -- the team is. But Osweiler does have a better Total QBR, completion percentage and interception percentage than Peyton Manning this season.

Top 5: Panthers, Patriots, Broncos, Cardinals, Bengals. 5 (last week 5)

Examining the AFC playoff picture -- i.e., the Brocketology -- the Broncos have an excellent shot for the top seed in the postseason. They are a mere game behind the Patriots, with a home bout against the equally 9-2 Bengals on tap in Week 16. By that time, DeMarcus Ware should be fully healthy. John Elway and Gary Kubiak should be reasonably excited, at least until they sit down for the breakup talk with a certain quarterback. Those are never fun. Perhaps they should say, "It's not you, it's us."

Top 5: Panthers, Patriots, Cardinals, Bengals, Broncos.

Mile High Report: 1

Why? Because I can, just let me have my moment. And also because they looked like a complete, well-balanced team last night, despite multiple injuries. I know that Pats fans seem to think they were the victims of injuries and poor officiating, but I still have yet to hear a play that was called on or a non-call against them that was actually a bad call. As for the injuries... well, if the Broncos can win without these guys, I am confident that we have the most depth in the league. Not only that, but the Broncos are going to continue improving throughout the season.

Top 5: Broncos, Patriots, Panthers, Cardinals, Bengals.

SB Nation: 2 (last week 4)

After beating the Patriots in overtime, the Broncos move up, as well. They've overcome adversity in the past couple of weeks with the benching of Peyton Manning and the injury to Demarcus Ware, but won their second in a row over a quality opponent to move to 9-2 on the year.

Top 5: Panthers, Broncos, Patriots, Bengals, Cardinals.

CBS Sports: 5 (last week 5)

Brock Osweiler is creating a quarterback controversy when Peyton Manning gets back. Who should play?

Top 5: Panthers, Patriots, Cardinals, Bengals, Broncos.

Fox Sports: 5 (last week 6)

Brock Osweiler led an 83-yard touchdown drive to take the lead with just 1:22 remaining in regulation. While he is still learning the best ways to consistently move the ball, Osweiler proved to his teammates that they can count on him in big spots.

Top 5: Panthers, Patriots, Cardinals, Bengals, Broncos.

Peter King: 2 (last week 6)

Just 24 days ago the Broncos were 7-0, and fans were praying, "Just get us through the season with Manning without disaster." Today they’re praying, "Whatever you do, don’t take Osweiler out of the lineup."

Top 5: Panthers, Broncos, Patriots, Cardinals, Bengals.

PFF: 5 (last week 5)

When cornerback Chris Harris Jr. lines up in the slot, opposing quarterbacks have an NFL passer rating of 46.5 when targeting him, the best in the league for CBs with at least 150 slot coverage snaps. He would play outside in base and slot in nickel for this All-star team.

Top 5: Panthers, Patriots, Bengals, Cardinals, Broncos.

What do you think about these Power Rankings? Let us know in the comments!