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NFL Playoff picture: Broncos playoff scenarios for Week 15

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There are three weeks left in the regular NFL season, and the Denver Broncos have fumbles away their inside track to homefield advantage and dropped themselves from the #1 seed to the #3 seed after losing a terrible game to the Oakland Raiders last week.

They still control their own destiny for a first round bye, but they must win some games. A win this week would go a long way towards achieving that goal.

AFC Playoff Standings

Division Leaders W L T DIV CONF
New England Patriots 11 2 0 4-0 8-1
Cincinnati Bengals 10 3 0 4-1 8-2
Denver Broncos 10 3 0 3-2 6-3
Indianapolis Colts 6 7 0 3-1 4-5
Wild Card W L T DIV CONF
New York Jets 9 5 0 2-2 6-4
Kansas City Chiefs 8 5 0 4-1 7-2
In The Hunt W L T DIV CONF
Pittsburgh Steelers 8 5 0 2-2 5-4
Oakland Raiders 6 7 0 2-2 6-4
Buffalo Bills 6 7 0 3-2 6-5
Houston Texans 6 7 0 2-1 4-5
Jacksonville Jaguars 5 8 0 2-3 5-6

Week 15 - Who to root for

Besides the Broncos over the Steelers, of course.

Go Ravens! over Chiefs

It's a long shot, but the Baltimore Ravens did beat the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier in the season. Different quarterbacks, different season. It would be nice though and it won't stop me from rooting for the Ravens for at least the first quarter when the game isn't yet out of hand.

Go Texans! over Colts

This one is easy. I do not want to see Andrew Luck in the playoffs. I actually like the Texans anyway in this game as the Colts defense has given up so many points its got to be a major concern for them. DeAndre Hopkins might break his month-long dry spell.

Go Titans! over Patriots

Hey, it's possible! Maybe...

Go 49ers! over Bengals!

A week ago I would have typed "Hey, it's possible!" a second time, but with Andy Dalton out and no Alabama quarterback having won an NFL game since 1987, it's definitely possible. This would be a good win for them.

The rest

The team in bold better serves Denver's playoff interests based on a variety of factors including Conference record, strength of schedule, the Bengals' and Patriots' strength of schedule, and strength of victory.

Falcons at Jaguars
Bears at Vikings
Giants at Panthers
Bills at Redskins
Raiders at Packers
Browns at Seahawks
Dolphins at Chargers
Cardinals at Eagles
Lions at Saints