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Live Blog: Denver Broncos at Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Denver Broncos are now in must-win mode after dropping an ugly game at home last week. They travel to face a Pittsburgh Steelers team that is all in must-win mode. It should be a great playoff atmosphere kind of game.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
Pittsburgh Steelers
Sunday, December 6, 2015 - 2:05 PM MDT
Denver Broncos




4th Pass Off. 27th
3rd Rush Off. 20th
26th Pass Def. 2nd
5th Rush Def. 1st
8-5 Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA 10-3
2nd AFC North Spread: Steelers by 7 1st AFC West

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The Denver Broncos (10-3) are heavy underdogs against the red hot Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5), with few pundits predicting a straight-up Broncos win today. And who can blame them? The Steelers have scored thirty or more points in five straight games, while the Broncos offense has been anemic at times.

If the Broncos are to have any shot today, their defense must step up and play their best game of the season. Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware must lead the charge to get Ben Roethilisberger out of rhythm and under duress for most of the game. I expect DeAngelo Williams and Heath Miller to be open the most, with the No Fly Zone doing what it has done all year long by locking down the three-headed wide receiver monster the Steelers boast.

If the pressure is there, the Broncos will have a chance to win this game. The chance will have to be seized by Brock Osweiler, who is coming off his worst performance of the year. Gary Kubiak must get Osweiler to push the ball down the field. The ultimately dink and dunk quarterback must channel his inner Peyton Manning and go deep. The Steelers pass defense is quite bad, so we could see a situation where Osweiler comes up big like he did against the New England Patriots a few weeks ago.

I'm predicting exactly that as Osweiler find himself in the zone late to lift the Broncos over the heavily-favored Steelers on the road.

Prediction: Broncos 24, Steelers 20

What is your prediction, Broncos Country?

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