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Broncos and Chiefs are neck-and-neck in the AFC West

(Dammit.) Your Week 15 AFC West Wrap-Up.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are now one game behind the Denver Broncos in the AFC West. The Broncos not only haven't clinched the AFC West, they have yet to clinch a playoff spot. Nothing is certain in Broncos Country right now except that the Broncos need to win their last two home games against the Cincinnati Bengals and the San Diego Chargers if they want to play past Week 16.


Team W L T Div Conf.
Denver Broncos 10 4 0 3-2 6-4
Kansas City Chiefs 9 5 0 4-1 8-2
Oakland Raiders 6 8 0 2-2 6-4
San Diego Chargers 4 10 0 0-4


Broncos @ Steelers

Final Score: 27-34

In brief: Dear Broncos. Whatever you are doing during halftime - STOP DOING THAT - and start doing something else. Yet again, the Broncos looked great in the first half against the Steelers, only to fall apart in the second half. This is not how you want your team to play in December (or ever).

Injury concerns: Brock Osweiler (shoulder, non-throwing), plus pretty much half the team.

Week 16 matchup: Bengals @ Broncos

Chiefs @ Ravens

Final Score: 34-14

In brief: It's eight straight wins for the Kansas City Chiefs. That is all.

Injury concerns: None

Week 16 matchup: Browns @ Chiefs

Packers @ Raiders

Final Score: 30-20

In brief: Raiders QB Derek Carr threw two touchdowns and two interceptions in their loss against the Green Bay Packers. This loss ended the Raiders already dim playoff hopes. After losing to the Ravens, the Raiders are now officially eliminated from the playoffs, just as they have been the last 13 years. Carr still looks like a promising long term answer at QB for the Raiders however, which is a question still being played out in Denver.

Injury concerns: None.

Week 16 matchup: Chargers @ Raiders

Dolphins @ Chargers

Final Score: 14-30

In brief: This win might have been the last home game for the Chargers in San Diego. I applaud the Chargers fans who stuck by their team and went to a lot of home games that sure didn't look like home games on TV. Chargers running back Danny Woodhead had four touchdowns in their dominant win over the Miami Dolphins.

Injury concerns: None.

Week 16 matchup: Chargers @ Raiders

Buckle up Broncos Country - it's going to be a bumpy trip!