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Chris Harris Jr.: 'The way I played was very disappointing and I let my team down'

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There is no denying that star Denver Broncos cornerback, Chris Harris Jr., had his worst game in over two years as Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown thoroughly abused him to the tune of 15 catches for nearly 200 yards and two touchdowns in Denver's loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Harris was notably disgusted with himself.

They won the game. Usually when I play bad like this we lose the game. Last week it was the offense and this week it was me, so I have to play better.

I wouldn't go that far as it appeared to me as though Harris completely lost faith in his ability to trust that the safety help would be there. One of those touchdowns was clearly the fault of the safety who was supposed to have inside coverage, but Harris doesn't strike me as the type who would make excuses.

Instead, when asked if he blamed himself for the defensive collapse, he did.

Oh yeah definitely. It was the best versus the best and he won. I have not given up a touchdown in two years. The way I played was very disappointing, and I let my team down. He (Brown) is a good receiver. He’s the best receiver in the game right now. I just did not make any plays today.

That is how a leader responds. It is a team game, but its the star players who shoulder the burden of failure. For the first time all season, the Broncos defense allowed over 30 points in a game and blew a three score lead. Something Harris pointed out to end his post-game interview.

We were supposed to win this game, the offense did enough. They scored enough points in the first half. This is on the defense. We cannot let them come back, I cannot give up two touchdowns in a half. That’s on me.

Like a true veteran, Harris vowed to come back strong next week. The Broncos have a favorable matchup against the A.J. McCarron-led Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football and the defense certainly needs to rediscover some of the mojo it has lost in recent weeks.

I have faith that the No Fly Zone will return. Do you?