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The NFL should suspend Cody Wallace for his hit on David Bruton

The hit was dirty, and David Bruton believes Cody Wallace should be suspended.

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News dropped earlier today that New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was suspended for one game after he intentionally went after the head of Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman. Well, the Broncos had a similar situation play out Sunday afternoon in Pittsburgh.

It was late in the first quarter and the Broncos were making a tackle on Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown. Wallace believed that defensive end Malik Jackson "took a shot" at their receiver and he went in to retaliate.

"You know, their guy kind of took a shot at AB, so we really couldn't let that fly," Wallace said. "That's the way it's going to go. But that's not right."

The Jackson hit was a legal one, what Wallace did was not.

Wallace left his feet and dived head first into David Bruton Jr. The Steelers lineman is listed at 6'4", 300lbs and all his weight and momentum collided head first into a player who wasn't even paying attention. That's how someone gets seriously hurt, and Wallace should be punished for his actions.

Wallace said he expects a fine because of this incident, but the NFL needs to do more and for once show consistency on situations like this.

The NFL released a letter stating why they suspended Odell Beckham Jr. They said Beckham put another player(Norman) at risk, and with head injuries being a the forefront of their mind they decided to suspend him for one game. That's exactly what Cody Wallace did, and should be suspended immediately by the NFL.

Bruton agrees with this opinion and believes Wallace should be suspended and/or fined by the NFL.

"Everyone is making a big deal out of Odell's deal, but it's nothing on. I'm pretty sure my head was down, the play was over, whistle blown," Bruton said. "Heck, I didn't go in there and shoot at his guy.

This hit upset many Broncos players after it happened, and a brief scrum broke out right after. Play continued afterwards with not too many other scrums, but the Broncos players did not forget about this cheap shot and want revenge.

David Bruton hopes that these two teams face off in playoffs and he vows that things "aren't going to go well" for the Steelers and Wallace.

"I just know that if we have to play them again, things are not going to go well. We definitely are going to make sure he's going to feel it," Bruton said.

I for one hope we get this rematch and the Broncos and Bruton get their revenge on the Steelers.