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Broncos podcast: Vernon Davis showed 'pathetic effort' and could be losing trust of teammates

Former University of Colorado wide receiver Mike Pritchard joined Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro on The Afternoon Drive Monday and talked about the loss that was. Pritchard questioned the Broncos' toughness overall ("Where was Von Miller?") then called out Vernon Davis in particular.

"It was a pathetic effort," Pritchard said of Davis' 4th-quarter, 3rd-down drop. "I don't know how the guy is going to earn the respect or even the trust of his teammates or his coaches with that kind of effort."

Pritchard is right; Davis' drop was brutal, and it was the second week in a row where Denver's newest tight end suffered a crucial drop when the Broncos were trying to mount a comeback.

"I think he has more allegiance to his physical well-being," Shapiro chimed in.

When someone like David Bruton is playing on a broken leg, and another player is more worried about getting hit than catching the ball, it's clear who's bleeding orange and blue and who's trying to stay healthy for a potential payday in the offseason.

Bonus listen

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport joined the guys and defended his report that Peyton Manning isn't inclined to be Brock Osweiler's backup.