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Denver Broncos have 58% chance of winning AFC West

With another two-game losing streak in the books, the Denver Broncos (10-4) are losing their grip on the AFC West with just two games to play.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

According to numberFire, the Denver Broncos are losing their grip on the AFC West to the surging Kansas City Chiefs and are in real danger of missing the playoffs if they do not win out to close the season. The Broncos now own a 57.92% chance of winning the AFC West, while the Chiefs are now at 42.08% to do the same.

With the easier schedule, the Chiefs are likely to win out. The Broncos have an easier schedule too with A.J. McCarron starting for the Cincinnati Bengals, but the Broncos have been less than predictable in recent weeks. One loss could send the team spiraling out of the playoff hunt if both the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets win out as well.

Here is the full data from numberFire with the odds the Broncos now face in each playoff scenario:

Projected Record: 11.22 - 4.78 (Change: -0.33 wins)
AFC West: 57.92% (Change: -20.84%)
Playoffs: 88.14% (Change: -7.5%)


  1. 3.6% (Change: -10.4%)
  2. 32.26% (Change: 3.36%)
  3. 22.06% (Change: -13.8%)
  4. 0% (Change: 0%)
  5. 10.66% (Change: 4.2%)
  6. 19.56% (Change: 9.14%)

Conference Championship: 9.64% (Change: -3.62%)
Super Bowl: 3.18% (Change: -0.44%)
Power Rankings: 10 (Last Week: 9)

The Broncos need to right the ship and get back to their winning ways to close out the season. Some confidence, especially on defense, would be really helpful for a potential deep playoff run this year.

How do you like our chances, Broncos Country?