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Demaryius Thomas feels for Peyton Manning

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive talk with Denver Broncos star wide receiver Demaryius Thomas.

When asked about Peyton Manning potentially never playing football for the Denver Broncos again, Demaryius Thomas expressed his sadness over that possibility given how successful they were together on the field for three plus years.

What caught my attention was when Thomas alluded to the fact that he wasn't sure if Manning was healthy or not and that it was the coaches and John Elway's decision. That, to me, seems pretty telling and could be proof that Brock Osweiler will not see the bench again in 2015.

Thomas was right though, it is tough to see Manning struggle to get back on the field. It was tough to see him struggle on it. We all feel for Peyton. He led the most potent offense in NFL history from 2012-2014. An offense that was truly "Star Wars" on the football field.

Does anyone think Peyton still has enough left in that Hall of Fame arm to be successful on the NFL stage?

Bonus listen

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