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Twas the Broncos night before Christmas

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Mile High Report writer Christopher Hart gives his Broncos rendition on a classic holiday poem on Christmas Eve.

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Merry Christmas Eve, Broncos Country.

In the spirit of the season, I thought I would do my own rendition of Clement Clark Moore's Twas the night before Christmas — with a Denver Broncos twist to it. I certainly don't claim to be an award winning poet, but I thought it might bring some smiles and laughs to readers on the eve of a wonderful holiday. Enjoy!

Twas the Broncos night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and inside Dove Valley,
Coaches and players assembled for battle against Cincinnati.
Game planning and strategy were forged with diligence and care,
In hopes that a winning formula for victory could be prepared.

The team was nestled together grouped tight in the locker room,
Sad from the past two losses that had their heads clouded with doom.
With a season of progress halting to an unfortunate screech,

Some of them wondered if the playoffs could be reached.

A door swiftly opened among all of the chatter,

When John Elway entered and approached the team and asked "What was the matter?"
A voice shouted, "We are taking a beating and this offense line doesn’t show promise,
Oh why oh why didn’t traded for Joe Thomas?"

Elway rose up his hand and then made a fist,
Hoping his speech would bring his team confidence.

"Decisions are tough and football’s a business,
I have faith in Harris and Schofield go out and win with!"

"We have pass rushers who are creative, disruptive and quick,

Who can sack any quarterback lickety-split!"
The Broncos players knew that Elway wouldn’t lead them astray,

And their passion ignited when he called them by name.

"Now Miller! Now Ware! On Barrett and Ray!

We’ll have Wade Phillips call blitzes and dial up big plays!
Don’t forget your defensive brethren Williams, Wolfe and Jackson,
They’ll bring the push for your quarterback sacking."

The environment roared with thunderous applause,
Excitement obtained from the gridiron terror they knew they could cause.
Coach Kubiak then stood up and looked at his offense,
And set forth a rally cry that was common sense.

"Lets play tough in the trenches bolster our rushin’,

And play action passes can be part of our bustlin’.

Give it our all and keep up the hustlin’,
Then our production will certainly be crushing!"

The team gathered in a circle and then came Elway’s whistle,

Symbolic that the upcoming game was mission critical.
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight,
Lets go out and beat the Bengals on Monday Night!"

On behalf of the Mile High Report staff, I would like to extend a very heartfelt thanks to all of the loyal readers and their families this holiday season. May your coming days be blessed and have a wonderful New Year.

Thank you for your continued support and everything you contribute to the community. You guys absolutely rock! Enjoy the long weekend and cheer loud for the Broncos on Monday Night when they take on the Cincinnati Bengals.

Go Broncos!