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Broncos need a win and they're in the playoffs - Horse Tracks

The Cincinnati Bengals are in town for a Monday Night showdown and the playoffs are on the line. Denver needs just one win to clinch a playoff berth and have a chance to claim the first overall seed in the AFC.

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The playoff picture became a little clearer on Sunday... and by clearer, I mean the Broncos could end up with any playoff position but the 4th seed, or they could miss the playoffs entirely. If Denver wins out in these last two games, they will win the AFC West.

It all comes down to Monday Night football against the Cincinnati Bengals. Denver needs to take care of business for a shot at the bye. Lose tonight and Denver will be battling San Diego next week for a shot at a wild card. If they lose both remaining games, no playoffs for Denver and 2015 ends in disappointment.

If Denver is a playoff team, it's high time to show the world in prime time. Dropped balls, missed tackles, and poor play calling need to take a backseat to scoring and a return of stifling defensive play. I know the Broncos have it in them and I will be rooting for them to let it out on Monday night. The time is now.


The playoff scenarios are many going into Monday night's tilt with the Bengals. Here are a bunch of articles that go in depth as to how it can all shake out.

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Peyton Manning came out strong in his denial of the HGH accusations made by Al-Jazeera America.

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Need a primer for Monday Night's game against the Bengals? Here y'are!

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There's a lot of history between the Broncos and Bengals.

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When it comes to Broncos and Bengals, there's only one game that sits at the top as the greatest ever. Ironically, it's probably the only win that Kyle Orton got in Denver that will be remembered.

How is the AFC's number one seed still in play? The Jets beat the Patriots on Sunday, keeping Broncos hopes high that they can rip home-field throughout the playoffs away from New England. Jets control playoff fate after overtime win over Pats -

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The Broncos got a ton of help on Sunday when the Ravens upset the Steelers.

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I now know how it feels to be a Browns fan. They let all of Broncos Country down on Sunday by floundering when the game was on the line against the Chiefs. Chiefs earn playoff berth with win over Browns -

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Lastly, kudos to MHR's Tim Lynch for winning my personal Fantasy Football league. Me, my dad, and brother-in-law salute you!