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The Denver Broncos played really bad football in the first half against the Cincinnati Bengals

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Nope, the Denver Broncos were unable to stop the Cincinnati Bengals on third down to start the quarter. In fact, the Bengals would put together another impressive, unstoppable drive. This one for 13 plays for 90 yards and, yes, another touchdown.

In desperate need to flip time of possession, the Broncos offense promptly found itself in a 1st and 25 on the next drive and then had to burn a timeout on 3rd and 16 only to fail to convert. Let the disaster continue!

On the Bengals next drive, they easily find themselves at midfield again and threatening to put themselves up three scores on the road. The Broncos finally get the Bengals into a third and long, but with zero pass rush AJ McCarron had plenty of time to find the open receiver for a first down in field goal range.

The Broncos forced second straight third and long and this time held the line to force a field goal attempt, which Mike Nugent actually missed. If there were ever a time to regain momentum for the Broncos, it was with that missed attempt.

To open things up, Brock Osweiler hits Owen Daniels for a nine yard gain, then throws it up for a wide open Emmanuel Sanders on second down for a huge 35 yard deep pass to set the Broncos up in the red zone at the two minute warning.

However, the Broncos would derp themselves into a third and goal from the 14 and after a short throw underneath with no chance of scoring a touchdown, the Broncos would go for the game winning field goal. Oh wait, the momentum-sucking field goal.

Hey, at least the Broncos get the ball to start the second half. That defense certainly needs the rest!