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Denver Broncos own the third quarter to cut Cincinnati Bengals lead to 14-10

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos received the second half kickoff and most of Broncos Country may have had their doubts, but with Brock Osweiler throwing the ball nearly every down they drove the length of the field for a much needed touchdown to cut the Cincinnati Bengals lead to 14-10.

After that 11 play 84 yard touchdown drive, it is now time for the Broncos defense to show up in this game.

And show up they did. On four straight series (one being a holding penalty), the Bengals were unable to get the ball moving at all.

The Broncos have the momentum.

Unfortunately, a first down sack would deflate the air from that momentum a bit and the Broncos would punt it back to the Bengals who take over at their own 17 yard line.

The defense must rise again.

And rise they did, but not after some questionable officiating in the Bengals favor in two separate instances.

It ended up not mattering as Bradley Roby put himself in perfect position to break up a third down pass to end the drive.

The Broncos take over at their own 20 with three minutes to go in the third quarter. A scoring drive would be a very good thing for them right now.

Instead they rolled with a third and out.

The Bengals would find no room after getting excellent field position, with the Broncos defense coming up huge on consecutive plays to shut the Bengals down to force fourth down and the end of the quarter.