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C.J. Anderson's post-game reaction proves that he is Broncos Country

The Broncos' running back's reaction to Denver's 20-17, playoff-clinching win, was priceless.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos sealed their ticket to the playoffs Monday Night against the Cincinnati Bengals with a 20-17 overtime win, and if you thought your reaction was rabid, wait until you see C.J. Anderson's.

Even Miles got in on the act, and lived to tell the tale.

Anderson's reaction is all the more fun to watch when juxtaposed with Brock Osweiler's or DeMarcus Ware's... surely these Broncos leaders were excited, but they had calmed down to head to the locker room. There was no calming down C.J. Anderson.

Carry on, C.J. Anderson. You are Broncos Country.