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Broncos are 2015 comeback kings

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This is phenomenal.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

John Elway will be pleased to hear that the Denver Broncos have taken "kicking and screaming" to a whole different level in 2015. With big wins against the Kansas City Chiefs (Week 2), New England Patriots (Week 12), and Cincinnati Bengals (Week 16) under their belts, the Broncos have proven to be the NFL's best at never-say-die football.

This is huge, especially when it comes to playoff tiebreakers. If the Broncos are able to take care of business against the San Diego Chargers in Week 17, they'll win the AFC West. The Broncos' 14-point comeback against the Chiefs will have sealed the division for Denver, giving themselves a win and KC a loss in what turned out to be a neck-and-neck contest.

Meanwhile, Denver's overtime comeback wins in primetime against the New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals give them head-to-head tiebreakers against each AFC foe. If they all finish the season 12-4, which is possible with a Denver win and New England loss, the Broncos would be propelled to the first seed, all thanks to those big tiebreakers. No matter what, if the Broncos finish 12-4, they'll have earned a first-round bye.

Kicking and screaming has set the Broncos up to do something they didn't a year ago: succeed in the playoffs.