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Brock Osweiler injured but remains Broncos starter over Peyton Manning

Nothing has changed at the quarterback position according to Kubiak.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

According to Denver Broncos Head coach Gary Kubiak, quarterback Brock Osweiler will remain the starter for the Broncos this week despite being banged up.

Osweiler suffered a grade two shoulder separation against the Pittsburgh Steelers and suffered an elbow injury to the same arm against the Bengals on Monday night.

Osweiler does say that he is banged up right now but goes on to say that he is not a "special case" and that everyone is banged up right now.

"Coming into the game, I was a little bit banged up," said Osweiler Coming out of the game, I’m a little bit banged up, but that’s football. Everybody in that locker room, Week 16, is banged up. I’m no special case. Everybody has got their bumps and bruises, and I’ll be good to go come next week."

This injury hasn't changed Osweiler's status for the Broncos week 17 game against their division rival San Diego Chargers. According to Kubiak,"nothing has changed" at the quarterback position. With a win against the Chargers, the Broncos would lock up a much-needed bye week to get their team healthy for the playoffs.

The truth here is that Manning has yet to be healthy enough to even make this a legitimate discussion for the Broncos. However, with Manning nearing health, he may enter the discussion as a backup to Osweiler.

Kubiak said that he will meet with Manning sometime this week and they will map out a plan for action this week.

"He came through good. The week before we went a couple of days, and then didn't get through Friday," Kubiak said. "And last week we actually got through four days.... He had four good days of work so we will sit down and talk about it and go from there."

Manning did say earlier in the week that he is ready to play week 17 if the team needs him, and he did say he will do whatever is asked of him going forward.

"I got to do whatever coach feels is best for the team," Manning said when asked if he wants to be the starter if he returns. "It's been an interesting year, I'm not going to lie about that. I've had a good attitude about it ... I've learned a lot about myself. I've been a good teammate. I've tried to help Brock in anyway I can. It's new to me. It's new to me. So I'll do whatever is best for the team come next week. If they need me to play and be in there, then I'll be ready. If they don't feel the best for the team, then I'll respect that decision and do what I can to help the team."

If Manning shows he is healthy and can put in a full week of practice this week, I would expect Manning to be Osweiler's backup through the playoffs.

Fox Sport's Jay Glazer reported on Sunday that the Broncos are "Brock Osweiler's team moving forward" and NFL Network's Ian Rapoport shared a similar report on Monday.

Rapoport stated that there's "No chance" that Manning would start week 17 if the Broncos lost(and they didn't). So now barring a huge collapse on Sunday against the Chargers, Brock Osweiler will more than likely be the Broncos starter throughout the playoffs.