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Broncos move up in Power Rankings for Week 17

A nail-biting win for the Denver Broncos over the Cincinnati Bengals led to a rise for the Broncos in Power Rankings around the web.

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The Power Rankers this week are split between those who think the Broncos come-from-behind victory over the Cincinnati Bengals deserves a bump back up to the top five, and those who are still a bit wary of the Broncos chances in the playoffs.

The Broncos are a hard team to figure out. Over the last few weeks they have either started slow, then turned hot - or started hot, only to fizzle out. The Broncos have one more week to figure out how to play a complete game before the playoffs.

Here are the Power Rankings for the Broncos this week around the web.

ESPN: 4 (last week 8)

The Broncos had been shut out in the second half in three straight games, but a 14-point effort (plus three more in overtime) Monday night not only kept the Broncos in the playoffs, but in position for a first-round bye.

Top 5: Cardinals, Panthers, Patriots, Broncos, Jets 8 (last week 9)

Love the moxie of Brock Osweiler on Monday night. The throw to Owen Daniels late in the fourth quarter to get the Broncos into field-goal range -- over the linebacker and in front of the DB -- was incredible. That said, why, oh why do coaches like Gary Kubiak settle for long field goals, on grass, in really cold weather? Yeah, Brandon McManus' kick was a Vanderjagt special, but it would've helped if Denver had kept pushing the football.

Top 5: Panthers, Cardinals, Patriots, Chiefs, Jets.

SB Nation: 6 (last week 8)

Brock Osweiler made some very, very impressive throws in the fourth quarter and overtime and took a big step forward as the leader of that offense. That could be huge over the next month.

Top 5: Cardinals, Panthers, Chiefs, Patriots, Jets.

CBS Sports: 4 (last week 8)

Brock Osweiler did some really good things in the second half and in overtime against the Bengals. That's important for the playoffs.

Top 5: Cardinals, Panthers, Patriots, Broncos, Bengals.

Fox Sports: 5 (last week 9)

After starting fast and finishing slow in Week 15, it was the exact opposite for QB Brock Osweiler in a win over the Bengals. The Broncos may have figured something out -- Osweiler was able to find a great rhythm throwing the football in the second half when the team use a faster tempo.

Top 5: Cardinals, Panthers, Patriots, Chiefs, Broncos.

Peter King: 4 (last week 8)

Don’t quite know what lessons to take from Monday night for Denver, other than when the defense absolutely had to play big—like, the last five drives of the game—it played like the best defense in football. With Brock Osweiler still a work very much in progress, that’s going to be vital in order to win in January.

Top 5: Cardinals, Panthers, Patriots, Broncos, Bengals

PFF: 8 (last week 8)

The running back with the most yards after contact per carry is C.J. Anderson, at 4.7. He’s averaging more yards after contact per carry than most running backs have yards per carry both before and after contact.

Top 5: Panthers, Patriots, Cardinals, Bengals, Vikings.

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