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Denver Broncos odds of winning the AFC West are pretty good

After saving their season with a dramatic comeback win over the Cincinnati Bengals, the Denver Broncos are now in firm control of the two seed in the AFC with one game left to play.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

According to numberFire, the Denver Broncos have saved their season with the overtime victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. Not only did they hold off the Kansas City Chiefs for control of the AFC West, but they catapulted themselves into the number two seed.

There are no certainties in the NFL, but with a favorable home game against a San Diego Chargers team having a down year, the Broncos only need to take care of their home turf and they will be guaranteed a first round bye in the playoffs.

Here is the full data from numberFire with the odds the Broncos now face in each playoff scenario.

Projected Record: 11.75 - 4.25 (Change: 0.2 wins)
Division: 80.57% (Change: 1.81%)
Playoffs: 100% (Change: 4.36%)

  1. 21.47% (Change: 7.47%)
  2. 54.5% (Change: 25.6%)
  3. 4.61% (Change: -31.25%)
  4. 0% (Change: 0%)
  5. 9.59% (Change: 3.13%)
  6. 9.84% (Change: -0.58%)

Conference Championship: 18.72% (Change: 5.46%)
Super Bowl: 5.72% (Change: 2.1%)
Power Rankings: 9 (Last Week: 9)

Brock Osweiler did his job well and that No Fly Zone defense showed up in the biggest way to help put this team in position to once again join the New England Patriots as the two dominant powers in the AFC.

How do you like our chances now, Broncos Country?