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Horse Tracks: Osweiler's play merits contract extension

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Brock Osweiler has shown enough poise and promise to merit a contract extension and become their quarterback of the future.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning, Broncos Country.

By all counts, the debate on Brock Osweiler vs. Peyton Manning in 2015 is over. This is now Brock's team to lead into battle on the gridiron for the rest of the season. Barring a significant injury to Osweiler that would cause him to miss time, it is unlikely we will ever see Manning play a significant down ever again in Denver. The Manning Era is over.

With that said, Manning deserves a heartfelt thanks and praise for the quality play and memorable moments he gave his fans, teammates and coaches over the past several seasons. He is certainly one of the all-time greats and his presence on the field for the Broncos kept them in continuous playoff and Super Bowl contention. There is no doubt that we have been blessed as fans to have yet another future Hall of Fame quarterback lead our beloved team into battle on Sunday's.

Alas, the future is upon us and it is time to embrace that future. That future is a franchise led with Brock Osweiler as the Denver Broncos starting quarterback.

In his six games as starter for the Broncos, Osweiler has had his fair shares of ups and downs, but I feel that he has played with tremendous poise and promise. He has played tough and gutted out several comeback victories against top teams in the NFL. He has become an active and vocal leader on the field, showing the capability to make adjustments and change up plays when he sees something he doesn't like. Moreover, he has demonstrated the ability to be precise with his passes, move the ball vertically down the field and make all the throws necessary to be a franchise quarterback in the NFL.

With the likelihood of Manning being released from his contract (or retiring) in 2016, the Broncos would only have Trevor Siemian on their roster for next season if they do not come to a contract agreement with Osweiler prior to free agency. If the team wants to be relevant in 2016, they will need a quarterback who knows Head Coach Gary Kubiak's offensive system. Osweiler is that guy. He has earned the right to be that player.

Get him some top tier players on the offense line and surround him with more weapons and the team will be bound for greatness under his leadership.

As always, thanks for reading and have a wonderful rest of your week and a tremendous New Year!

How would you feel if the Denver Broncos gave Brock Osweiler an extension to be their quarterback of the future? Sound off in the comments section!

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