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Ed McCaffrey's sons Christian and Dylan win PAC-12 and 5A state title games on same night

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Quite a night for the McCaffrey family.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Talk about a talented football family.

On the same night that high school junior quarterback Dylan McCaffrey led Valor Christian to a 29-26 5A state title over Pomona at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, his older brother Christian led Stanford to a 41-22 Pac-12 championship win over USC.

They are sons of former Broncos receiver and three-time Super Bowl champion Ed McCaffrey, and they have two other brothers. Max, the oldest, is a senior receiver from Duke that projects as a late-round draft prospect in 2016. The youngest, Luke, is a freshman at Valor.

Of the four, Christian is drawing the most headlines, for good reason.

Christian broke Barry Sanders' record of all-purpose yards in a single season with 3,254 (Sanders had 3,249 yards twenty-seven years ago). Against USC alone Christian had 461 all-purpose yards, throwing, catching, and rushing for scores.

Saturday's performance was a nice finish to an already Heisman-worthy season.

Currently a sophomore, Christian will not be eligible for the NFL draft until 2017.