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Horse Tracks: What is the biggest threat to the NFL brand?

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An interesting piece over a MMQB by Andrew Brandt posing the question "Will anything, ever, threaten the bottom line" of the NFL? I found it interesting, because since the last Collective Bargaining Act was signed in 2011, there have been a number of things that could have (and should have) threatened the NFL's bottom line. Instead, the sport has seen record growth.

The three things Andrew Brandt covered was the labor unrest prior to the CBA being signed, the declining on-field product and the concussion issues. Brandt went into detail how the NFL not only overcame each of those obstacles, but thrived as a league and a brand.

What, if anything, could pose the biggest threat to the NFL brand and their bottom line?

I think there really is only one thing that could truly bring the NFL to its knees. Vegas. As a Sacramento Kings fan, I have maybe watched a handful of basketball games since the early 2000's. Sure, they say it has gotten better and the corrupt referee got nailed, but the damage for this fan was done. And this fan has forever since been done with the NBA.

That's all it took and that's all it would take for many NFL fans to do the same if a similar scandal were to erupt that robbed a team of a chance at a Super Bowl title.

That's my answer to Brandt's question. Vegas. Vegas has the ability to bring the NFL to its knees.

What are your thoughts on this rather complex question? The NFL certainly seems to be bullet proof to everything and anything that gets fired in their direction.

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