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AFC West Wrap-Up: Broncos and Chiefs win in Week 13

Two divisional games in the AFC West separated the teams heading to the playoffs from the teams who might now be looking forward to the draft.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos remain three games ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs after the Broncos took down the San Diego Chargers and the Chiefs beat the Oakland Raiders.

This was a bad loss for the Raiders, who now have little chance of getting a Wild Card spot in the playoffs. The Broncos need to keep the Chiefs in their thoughts as the Broncos remaining schedule (Raiders, Steelers, Bengals, Chargers) is a lot tougher than the Chiefs (Chargers, Ravens, Browns, Raiders).


Team W L T Div Conf.
Denver Broncos 10 2 0 3-1 6-2
Kansas City Chiefs 7 5 0 3-1 6-2
Oakland Raiders 5 7 0 1-2 5-4
San Diego Chargers 3 9 0 0-3 2-6

Broncos @ Chargers

Final Score: 17-3

Game recap: This was a good news, bad news game for the Broncos. Good news: the defense played out of its mind. Bad news: the offense left a lot of points on the field. Good news: playing in San Diego is pretty much equivalent to a home game for the Broncos. Bad news: the Chargers bad luck with injuries this season not only continued with their team, but also hit the Broncos.

You can look at this game as one that the Broncos should have won by a lot more, but at the end of the day it was a division road game against a team that has caused a lot of grief for the Broncos. The Broncos need to make sure they don't look past the Raiders next week to the Steelers or Bengals. Every game is now the difference between a bye and/or home field advantage in the playoffs.

Chargers Injury Concerns: Dontrelle Inman (all signs looked good for Inman on Monday after a scary helmet to helmet hit), Brandon Flowers (knee)

Broncos Injury Concerns: C. J. Anderson (ankle, seems to not be anything serious), Vernon Davis (concussion), David Bruton (ankle - sprained MCL & PCL, plus bone bruise), Danny Trevathan (concussion), Omar Bolden (hamstring, not serious)

Chargers Week 14 matchup: Chargers @ Chiefs

Broncos Week 14 matchup: Raiders @ Broncos

Chiefs @ Raiders

Final Score: 34-20

Game recap: This game was all about the turnovers. Raiders QB Derek Carr was intercepted thrice (that's a fun word), and the Chiefs were able to turn all three of those turnovers into touchdowns. The Chiefs are right there with the New York Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Wild Card race. They are currently projected to be the 5th seed, which would put them in a matchup with the Indianapolis Colts. Do you remember the last time those two teams played in the playoffs? I thought you might.

Raiders Injury Concerns: Nate Allen (knee)

Chiefs Injury Concerns: Mike DeVito (concussion), Marcus Peters appeared injured during the game but later reports said he was fine and just dehydrated

Raiders Week 14 matchup: Raiders @ Broncos

Chiefs Week 14 matchup: Chargers @ Chiefs