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Infographic: How much is a Denver Broncos win worth?

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I received this interesting infographic via email this week and thought it was good enough to share. I don't know about you, but these prices seem fair when your team is winning most of their games. Not so much when they aren't.

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Normally, a team that wins as many regular season games as the Denver Broncos do (most in NFL since 1984), the ticket prices are quite steep. Ironically, for as often as the Broncos win football games it will only cost you $412.36 for each win as an attendee in the stands at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium.

Think that's a lot? Try spending $770.42 for each Chicago Bears win. Ouch!

Overall, the Broncos have the 5th highest ticket prices in the NFL, but Mile High is just the 9th most expensive place to watch your team win football games and the Broncos win plenty of games, so let the good times roll!

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