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Denver Broncos Power Rankings: Star Wars Edition

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The Denver Broncos didn't move much in the power rankings around the web this week. But that doesn't reflect badly against the team.

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Does anyone else think of Brock Osweiler, Peyton Manning, and the Denver Broncos winning the Super Bowl when they see this scene from The Force Awakens trailer? It might just be me.

I don't know about you, but my patience is wearing thin for The Force Awakens to release and the NFL postseason to begin. So I'm mashing them up in this post that doesn't have much new information.

The Denver Broncos didn't move much in the power rankings around the web this week. Part of this is due to the fact that the Broncos beat the San Diego Chargers - a team that is in the basement of the power rankings themselves. There is also a great sense of the unknown when it comes to how Osweiler will potentially handle games against the Steelers and the Bengals - let alone the postseason.

Luckily for Osweiler and Broncos fans, Osweiler doesn't need to master the Force like a young Luke Skywalker to get the Broncos to the Super Bowl. With this defense and this offensive Osweiler really just needs to be Han Solo. Steady, smart, loyal, and capable of surprising his opponents from time to time. If the Broncos defense can get healthy and continue to play like they have all season, Osweiler can even get away with a few stumbles along the road knowing that Miller, Talib, and Harris Jr. are likely to deliver a turnover or two every game. Then Osweiler can look at the opposing defense like this . . .

For now the Panthers, Cardinals, and Bengals are a more solid team in the eyes of many analysts. And that's not a bad thing. The Broncos being the underdog against the Bengals is arguably exactly where this feisty team wants to be in a few weeks.

One fun thing about this week's power rankings is seeing an almost universal dip for the New England Patriots after their crazy loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Patriots are in fact ranked below the Broncos by almost everyone this week which I didn't think was going to happen until the Broncos beat the Patriots in the playoffs. But . . .

Here are the rankings for the Broncos this week around the web.

ESPN: 4 (last week 3)

The Broncos have rediscovered their running game, averaging 161 yards and 4.5 yards per rush with Brock Osweiler at quarterback. They averaged 86 yards and 3.8 yards per rush to start the season.

Top 5: Panthers, Cardinals, Bengals, Broncos, Patriots. 4 (last week 5)

Brock Lobster improves to 3-0 as a starter, and the Broncos rise. Of course, the star of Sunday's win in San Diego was a ferocious defense that simply won't let opposing passing games breathe right now. Consider that Philip Rivers dropped back to throw 39 times and had all of 179 net passing yards and three total points to show for it. OK, so the Bolts aren't exactly bolting for the offseason -- but Denver clearly didn't look past its divisional opponent, either.

Top 5: Panthers, Cardinals, Bengals, Broncos, Patriots.

Mile High Report: 1 (last week 1)

The Broncos are playing a lot like the 2000 Ravens; out of this universe defense, and just enough offense to secure the win. Defense is a recipe for championships, and the Broncos have the best one in the NFL.

Top 5: Broncos, Panthers, Cardinals, Steelers, Seahawks.

Not surprisingly Pete from MHR put the Broncos - and why not be dancing on the ceiling about this team?

SB Nation: 2 (last week 2)

I'm still very high on the Broncos because of their completely dominant defense -- they are capable of shutting down any team and any quarterback in the NFL right now, and can do it in any weather, at home or on the road. Their offense still isn't where it probably needs to be for a real run at the Super Bowl, but that elite defense will keep them in every game, week in and week out. If Brock Osweiler can continue to develop as the starter and manage the game without making too many mistakes, it's going to be very tough to beat Denver down the stretch.

Top 5: Panthers, Broncos, Bengals, Cardinals, Patriots.

CBS Sports: 4 (last week 5)

Brock Osweiler is 3-0 and is making a case to be the starter when Peyton Manning returns. The running game has improved to help him.

Top 5: Panthers, Cardinals, Bengals, Broncos, Patriots.

Fox Sports: 5 (last week 5)

Denver’s swarming defense now has five defensive touchdowns this season. Soon the Broncos will likely have to make a difficult decision on what to do with future Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning now that Brock Osweiler is winning games

Top 5: Panthers, Cardinals, Bengals, Patriots, Broncos.

How every Broncos fan feels when the Brock vs. Manning conversation gets started yet again.

Peter King: 2 (last week 2)

Osweiler’s 3-0, and he’ll get a fourth start. Big question is not this week, when Oakland comes to town. Big questions is whether Osweiler can take the heat of Pittsburgh and Cincinnati in Weeks 15 and 16.

Top 5: Panthers, Broncos, Cardinals, Bengals, Seahawks.

PFF: 5 (last week 5)

The Broncos have both the best and second-best 3-4 defensive ends by run stop percentage. Derek Wolfe leads the league at 17.9 percent, while Vance Walker is at 14.8 percent. Wolfe has 14 total run stops, which is also the best among 3-4 defensive ends.

Top 5: Panthers, Patriots, Bengals, Cardinals, Broncos.

Despite losing to the Eagles (yes, I know they are injured, but THE EAGLES) PFF ranked the Patriots #2 over the Bengals, Cardinals, and Broncos.

What do you think about these Power Rankings? Let us know in the comments!

And May the Force Be With You!