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Broncos podcast: Who are the Broncos' defensive MVPs?

Von Miller is probably #1, but who's your #2?

The Denver Broncos have a phenomenal defense, and a phenomenally deep one. "There are so many impactful players defensively," The Afternoon Drive's Eric Goodman says in his intro. He's absolutely right. This defense is insane. Picking Denver's defensive MVP is almost as hard as scoring against them. But there's one player that stands out...

Von Miller

The MVP was unanimous: Von Miller. "In this day and age, you need a guy who can put pressure on the quarterback, or you're going to get carved up," said Les Shapiro.

Aqib Talib

"Tom Brady's a whiner." -Brandon Marshall

"Number two would be Aqib Talib for me," Shapiro said, "with a very close number three in Chris Harris."

Shaquil Barrett

"I think Shaq Barrett has been nothing short of sensational this year," Goodman said. "He has made as many plays as anyone on this defense this year, with maybe the exception of Von Miller."

Chris Harris Jr.

Both Goodman and Shapiro had Harris in their top four, and it makes all the sense in the world.

Brandon Marshall

"I do believe he is the linchpin of this defense," said Shapiro. "I believe he is the guy who has been splendid in stopping the run, leads them in tackles, and has done a good job covering on passing downs."

Malik Jackson

"Malik Jackson's been unbelievable," said Goodman. "I think if you said to John Elway, 'If you have to sign one of these guys, who would you sign?' I think he'd take Malik Jackson, all due respect to Brandon Marshall."

Sylvester Williams

Sly landed at #6 for both Goodman and Shapiro.

Darian Stewart

"(A) guy who shored up the back end of the defense, and it really needed shoring up," said Shapiro.

Derek Wolfe

"Your best run defender," Goodman boasted.

"He's playing like a beast," added Shapiro.

What's amazing is the names not on this list, including All Pro safety T.J. Ward, pick-six-specialist Danny Trevathan, and hey, DeMarcus Ware could come back healthy any day now.

Who is your defensive MVP? Let us know in the poll and comments.